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Bike Wireless Bicycle Computer Speedometer Waterproof Cycling Luminous Three-Color English Computer Odometer Auto Sleep

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*1. Standard mode and easy mode.

*2. Encrypted wireless transmission, super anti-interference.


*4. CAL (calorie fat consumption) ETA (estimated arrival time).

Note: If you want the light to stay on for a long time, you have to press and hold the button for about 6 seconds, and then let go to enter the long light mode. Ride until you stop for 5 minutes, the light will go out , Or press and hold for 6 seconds to turn off the constant light mode.


1.CLOCK time display

2.TOTODO-1 total mileage of the first bicycle (C1)1.CLOCK time display

3. TOTALODO The first and second (C1+C2) two bicycle total mileage

4.TOT-TM-1 Total time of the first bicycle (C1) ride

5. TOTAL-TM Total time for the first bicycle and the second bicycle (C1+C2)

6.TRTPDIST single riding time

7. MAXSPEED maximum speed when riding

8.AVGSPEED average speed of riding

9.TRIPTIME riding time

10.TEMP real-time temperature (one minute scan temperature change)

11.STPWATCH stopwatch

12.CAL RATE Calorie consumption during a single ride

13.CALORIE Total calorie consumption

14.FAT-DURN fat burning consumption

15.KM- Set the mileage of the ride (-for mileage to mileage / + for mileage mileage)

16.TIME- Set the riding time (- for time to time / + for time)

17.CO2 KG CO2 emissions

18.SCAN full function cycle scroll display


Color: Black

Material: ABS, PVC, plastic

Size: 5.2 * 2cm

Main functions: 1. Three-color backlit computer; 2. Night light; 3. Automatic wake-up; 4. Temperature detection; 5. Calorie consumption; 6. Equipped with extension bracket

Packing list:

1 * Code table

4 * Strap

2 * Bracket accessories

1 * Sensor

1 * Magnet

1 * Screw

1 * English manual


1. All the pictures have been professionally corrected, but due to the different ambient light and different display device settings, there may be some deviations in the pictures and items you see, please understand.

2. The data is measured manually, there may be some deviation, but it does not affect the use.

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