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V9 Audio Sound Card 3.5mm Microphone Headset Live Broadcast Studio Phone Computer Sound Adapter for Phone Computer

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Specifications of V9

V9 Audio Studio Sound Card 3.5mm Microphone Headset Live Broadcast Bluetooth Sound Adapter for Phone Computer
1. Multi-function tuning sound card, complete functions, simple operation, easy to use, built-in lithium battery. Universal for mobile phones and computers.
2. Adjustable High/middle/low pitch, the High pitch makes the sound full and clear with a sense of penetration, the middle pitch makes the sound ray more stable, and the bass is cleaner and transparent.
3. One-key elimination of the original sound, effectively eliminating the original singing voice, the sound is clearer and more penetrating during live broadcast.
4. Bluetooth wireless accompaniment, press the Bluetooth button after power on, the indicator light flashes quickly, turn on the phone's Bluetooth to find “FRJ-SPEAKER” for pairing, and the indicator light flashes slowly after the connection is successful.
5. 8 big live broadcast mode, 8 modes can be switched with one button, easy to deal with various occasions, let you be more professional in live broadcast.
6. 12 kinds of electronic tone, professional-level electronic tone adjustment, customized and personalized different electronic tone, change different sounds.
7. 14 kinds of warm up atmosphere sound effects, can vividly express the mood of the live player through the atmosphere.
8. Professional beautifu, one-key voice change.
8. Professional bel canto, one-key voice change.
9. Automatically recognize the sound, intelligently reduce the volume of background music.
10. Real-time monitor earphone.
11. Support dual mobile phone live broadcast, which can be connected to two platforms at the same time for dual mobile phone live broadcast (with Bluetooth accompaniment).
12. Support dual microphone live broadcast.
13. Support most mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops and other devices compatible with most APPs on the market.
Model: V9
Material: Metal
Colour: Black
Channel System: Dual Channel
Output Sampling Rate: 32KHz
Applicable: Home/Outdoor
Installation Method: External
Audio Interface: 3.5mm
Battery: Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Charging: 5V/1A
Cable Length: 1m/3.28ft
Product Size: 211.5 X 170 X 38mm/8.33 X 6.69 X 1.5″
Packing Size: 225 X 165 X 47mm/8.86 X 6.5 X 1.85″
Product Weight: 476g
Package Weight: 626g
1. The product only includes live sound card and charging cable and accompaniment cable. Other accessories shown in the picture are NOT included. Thank you for your understanding!
2. Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures. Thank you!
3. Please allow 1-3mm measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

Specifications of V8

V8 Audio External USB Headset Microphone Live Broadcast Sound Card for Mobile Phone Computer PC

1. 112 kinds of electric sound, 18 kinds of sound effects, 6 kinds of effect modes.
2. Reverberation size adjustment, microphone volume adjustment, high bass adjustment, recording volume control, music volume control, monitoring volume control (earphone function).
3. Support mobile phone computer use, support the use of single headset.

4. 7 kinds of connecting methods: one cell phone K song live, double cell phone live, three mobile phone live, mobile phone computer synchronous live, one computer live, computer accompaniment cell phone live, instrument input cell phone live.

5. Bluetooth function.

Battery: lithium ion rechargeable battery
Material: Metal
Color: Black
Product size: 125x105x25mm/4.92×4.13×0.98''
Weight: 467g

Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement.
Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding.

1 X Sound Card
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X Live Cable
1 X Accompaniment Cable
1 X English Manual

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